“The choice of a biometric provider is
critical to the success of any workplace
wellness initiative.”

- Large consulting firm

“To say that the screenings went well
and I was happy would be an understatement!”

- Large consulting firm

“They are true experts in their field
and are always available to consult with us so that
we provide the most clinically relevant information to our clients”

- Population Health Company

Impact Health is the First to Implement eTrueNorth’s Technology to Facilitate Quality Control Monitoring


Impact Health has been an integral part of the evolution of health and wellness since 1987. We have had an active role in the growth of biometrics in the marketplace. Impact Health has the knowledge and the practical experience that enables us to partner with our clients to design and deliver programs that meet goals and accomplish objectives.

Biometric testing is a common denominator for wellness activities in the workplace and is the principle focus of Impact Health. With the introduction of innovative incentive programs, it is critical that the testing performed is above reproach, and that it can stand the scrutiny of challenge. The marketplace recognizes Impact Health as a quality provider and integral component of wellness programs.

The key to successful deployment of wellness strategies is “engagement”. With a thorough knowledge of wellness, Impact Health continues to identify technology that complements the biometric experience. The objective is for employees to engage in programs and services that improve personal health as well as the health and the productivity of the employee population. The resulting outcome are programs that focus on “human capital” which is the greatest asset of any company.

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