What matters most isn’t what we say about ourselves, but how satisfied our customers are with our services.

At every event, we ask for feedback and ratings of our services. In the past year, with over 100,000 people screened at events of every shape and size, 95 % % of our participants have given us the top rating consistently. To date, we have actually achieved an overall rating of ‘5’ ( on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the best) in 95% of the customers screened. But we’re not going to be satisfied until we achieve the top rating from all of our customers. We are always striving to set our standards higher.

Read what some of our clients are saying about working with Impact Health…

“Impact Health & Quality Health Solutions efficiently worked together to seamlessly integrate Impact Health’s best of class health screening services with Quality Health Solutions’ industry leading behavior change health risk appraisal, lifestyle interventions and health promotion services. The health screening data Impact Health captures on behalf of our program nationally provides reliable information that further assists Quality Health Solutions in triaging its program participants into effective care management programs.” – Brian Thomas, President, Quality Health Solutions

Our relationship with Impact Health has evolved over several years. They have proven to be a wonderful partner for Take Care Health. With a wealth of experience and a focus on customer service they have collaborated with us to design and deliver programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Due to the Impact Health’s focus on innovation we have collaborated on exciting health initiatives for our mutual clients to address the evolving needs of employee health management. It’s a pleasure to work with Impact Health.
Jane Mingey, Take Care Health Systems

The Health & Wellness Institute takes an integrated approach to health management. From screenings and assessments to prevention-focused programming, strategic consulting, and incentive management, we realize that quality service delivery is crucial. In Impact Health we have found a partner with the same standards. From their foundation in clinical laboratory testing to their attention to detail in program management we have found them to be a vital resource. We look forward to years of successful collaboration.– Kurt Rix, Health and Wellness Institute

Impact Health has repeatedly demonstrated that they are a highly capable and dependable partner. They are true experts in their field and are always available to consult with us so that we provide the most clinically relevant information to our clients. Their attention to detail and timeliness in responding to our requests has resulted in onsite events that run smoothly and with high customer satisfaction. Impact Health’s services are an integral part of our wellness suite.  Shannon Rickert, Ceridian


I just wanted to thank you for all of the work that went into last week's event... more
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Impact Health has proven to be a wonderful partner for Take Care Health... more
Health and Wellness Institute
In Impact Health we have found a partner... more
Impact Health are true experts in their field and are always available to consult... more