Why You Should Screen

Health Screenings- A Foundation for Preventive Health and Wellness Programs

On-site health screenings provide the critical measurable foundation of robust preventative health and wellness programs.

  • Wellness programs can save $900 in direct medical costs per employee per year.
  • Return on investment for spending on wellness substantial:
    • $3.27 in reduced healthcare costs
    • $2.73 reduction in absenteeism
  • Accurate clinical data ensures that that individuals can receive the health and wellness intervention most appropriate for them.


Healthy employees receive the screening information they need to stay on track and maintain their health.

At Risk

“At risk” employees, who are showing evidence of susceptibility to chronic disease, are given the information and tools they need to control and improve their condition.

Chronic Disease

Employees with chronic disease receive more intensive monitoring and intervention to avoid more serious outcomes and costs.


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