IH invited to participate in HERO Think Tank

IH invited to participate in HERO Think Tank to focus on promoting advancements in employee health management.

Impact Health has been invited to participate in the HERO Think Tank, a small group of employee health management (EHM) experts who interact regularly to exchange ideas, expertise, and recommendations in order to solve problems and react to opportunities.  The intent is to create and disseminate reliable EHM national policy, strategy, leadership, and infrastructure.

The Think Tank is employer driven.  Joining the employers are selected health-benefits consultants, major universities, health care providers/plans, and EHM/disease management providers.  The membership is small by design.  A limited number of members is necessary in order to create high levels of candor, confidence, and respect across the entire Think Tank membership.  The end result is an environment where well informed and experienced corporate and provider thought leaders can interact, agree to disagree, then identify areas of consensus that advance the Think Tank mission.

HERO Accomplishments

In a little over four years, the Think Tank has developed and successfully launched the following highly recognized projects:

  • The HERO Think Tank
  • The HERO Forum for Employee Health Management Solutions
  • The HERO Best Practice Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer
  • The HERO Association for Employee Health Management

All of these projects were created, designed, and operated by the Think Tank members.


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