Data Management

In addition to performing employee health screenings and collecting biometric data at your health screening event, we also interpret the findings to provide meaningful measures you can use for risk analysis and outcome purposes. The information is measurable and actionable, enabling the employer to plan appropriate and effective programs and interventions.

We’ve invested heavily in advanced technology and development of proprietary software, enabling Impact Health to offer a variety of options that facilitate data collection. The HIPAA-compliant databases we generate can be used to:

  • Accurately stratify a population by disease- specific risk, so people can be placed in the right disease management program.
  • Correctly predict the future disease burden for a particular population.
  • Determine the cost of those health problems.
  • Assess whether the disease burden and associated costs can be avoided.
  • Create a tangible advantage to a product.
  • Build a consumer data base.
  • Track ROI through qualitative market research.
  • Measure ROI by merging data collected with medical/pharmacy claims to measure changes in therapy, absenteeism, presenteeism and enhanced productivity.
  • Deliver brand marketing through a qualitative source.
  • Create hard, actionable metrics for both the client company and the consumer.
  • Create reports evaluating attitudes towards sponsor products.


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