With misinformation about COVID-19 causing people to flood your emergency department, hospitals may soon fall victim to the “High Curve” ¹ – a swift and overwhelming Tsunami of patients in the ED that can overrun staff, put a stress on limited equipment and deplete scarce PPE even more. This makes it much more difficult to care for the normal population of patients.

CDC COVID-19 Graph


  • Nurses are stretched thin administering drive-up patient as well as staff testing

  • Some staff are reluctant through no fault of the nurses to being tested by a co-worker

  • Nurses are pulled away from providing high value patient care

  • Nurses that test positive for COVID-19 and/or are quarantined puts pressure on patient-to-nurse ratios

  • Nurses are working long hours and extra shifts eventually causing burnout

  • Additional costs incurred by riding the high curve

Flattening the Curve at your hospital can occur…help is available

To assist you in turning the tide combating the COVID-19 crisis at your hospital, Impact Health (a national leader in health screening/testing since 1987) can deploy the COVID-19 Rapid Response Nurse Service, a trained & certified nurse group to act at your direction as an extension of your staff. They handle COVID-19 Testing and Triage for both patients and staff. The team has been trained in the administration of the leading test kits and protocols and show up at your location ready to get to work so your nurses can return to providing care for patients and operating at the top-of-license.

Impacting the Curve as Early as Possible

Proactive early intervention can have a major impact. Delayed intervention can also have an impact if conducted early enough.² In each instance, intervention will flatten your curve, lengthening the duration but creating a more manageable and predictable situation. Riding the “Low Curve” can lower costs as well.

Flatten the Curve graphic

Illustration 2: Adapted from the CDC

Impact Health Rapid Response Nurse Service Details

  • Impact Health Rapid Response Nurse Service available to supplement hospital staff during this significant medical crisis

  • Impact Health trained nursing staff of RN, LPN and LVNs is available to provide assistance with triage and/or administration of COVID-19 Rapid Test kits

  • All nurses will have tested Negative for COVID-19 prior to their assignment

  • Nurses will arrive at the assigned hospital location, ready to receive full instruction on hospital procedures, protocols and assignment of duties

  • Impact Health can also provide COVID-19 Rapid Ten Minute Test kits under a separate agreement and fee

Hospital Requirements

  • Hospitals may provide their own approved COVID-19 Test Kits

  • Hospitals will provide nurses with appropriate PPE

  • Nurses will work under the supervision of the hospital and its staff

  • Billing is per hour, per nurse utilized and billed directly to the Hospital

Impacting the Curve Yields Favorable Outcomes

There are many potential positive outcomes that can be achieved by working with the Impact Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Nurse Service. Coordinating closely with hospital staff, the service frees up nurses at a time when they are being taxed at extremely high levels. It keeps testing results private, relieves overtime shifts, keeps hospital nurses focused on high level care, and eases stress. Finally, it can keep costs predictable and lower, as well.

Contact Impact Health Today

Please contact Impact Health to receive pricing and learn how you can have an impact that flattens your curve. Impact Health’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Nurse Service is ready to deploy!

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