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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every employer and employee in some way. Whether your business was completely shut down or you’ve had to shift some or all of your employees to remote work, getting your employees back to the workplace is a key step in getting your company back up and running. It’s not just about getting your employees back to their jobs within your business space, it’s about getting them back safely. Here are some steps and precautions Impact Health can help companies implement to safely resume in-house operations.

Step 1: Body temperature screening

Temperature screeningFever is one of earliest predictors of coronavirus, and early detection can help reduce its spread in workplace. That’s why having a temperature screening program for employees before they enter the workplace is a wise move. Another wise decision is to use a third-party screening company with experience in wellness programs for employees, rather than assign a group of employees to perform the screening. Although it may be tempting to leverage existing employees for this protocol, it is actually a dangerous game to play. Not only do your employees likely not have patient care experience, they should not be expected to or relied on to perform the tests and abide by privacy and safety rules like a trained healthcare professional.

At Impact Health, we work with employers to not only identify the appropriate the temperature threshold, but also establish a plan for handling a situation in which an employee’s temperature is recorded outside of the pre-determined threshold (e.g., refuse entry, require a doctor’s note, require a face mask, impose a leave of absence for x number of days). Our medically trained technicians perform onsite screenings using no-touch Infrared Temperature Monitoring Equipment (ITME) and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We maintain a strict code of ethics to ensure all tests are performed safely and the privacy of those screened is protected.

Step 2: COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testAnother way Impact Health can get your employees back to work safely is by testing for COVID-19. Our testing program will identify individuals who have contracted the virus — which may be difficult to tell otherwise if they are asymptomatic. This proactive approach ensures you have better visibility into the health and wellness of your staff, and helps to mitigate the spread of the virus to others in your organization.

COVID-19 testing is performed by experienced nurses and technicians who have tested negative before the assignment. At Impact Health, we use the latest Food & Drug Administration (FDA)/Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID-19 test kits that yield 10- to 15-minute on-site results or one- to two-day laboratory analysis for the results to be shared. These test kits have a high rate of accuracy and are an effective measure in conjunction with temperature screening.

Step 3: Ensure ongoing health and wellness

Office safetyProactively planning for the upcoming flu season is paramount. Every year, influenza takes a huge toll on the health and productivity of employees. This year, demand for flu vaccines will likely be higher than normal due to existing fears and hyper awareness of health concerns from this recent health crisis. By scheduling your flu vaccination clinic early, you’ll ensure access to the vaccine for your employees and promote peace of mind among your workforce. When employees are healthy and safe, not only are they more productive, the cost of healthcare goes down as well.

We know the health and safety of your employees is a top priority. Be proactive with temperature screening, COVID-19 testing, and flu vaccination clinics — we can help. Contact [email protected] for more details.