When you contract with Impact Health, you benefit from turnkey program management.We strategically select each health care specialist assigned to each event and our program managers work closely with you to define your program objectives and address every step, from consultation to intervention, providing a comprehensive, exemplary clinical testing solution. Impact Health has the capability to encompass 100% of your employee needs to provide a comprehensive approach to allow each employee to proactively check their health; enabling your organization to lead healthier, more productive lives.  All participant biometric data is maintained in a HITRUST ® environment, the industry’s gold standard; providing you with the information necessary to measure the effectiveness of your health promotion initiatives.

Outcomes & Measurements:

  • Longitudinal tracking of individual and population biometric values
  • Design-and-deliver programs that meet specific goals and accomplish objectives
  • Reduction of modifiable health risks
  • Reduction of overall health care costs