KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Today, Impact Health is expanding its comprehensive set of health and wellness services to address the COVID-19 crisis. Temperature Screening can be an early indicator of COVID-19 infections and can be implemented at organizations with employees returning to work.

The service is targeted for large employers including Fortune 1000 companies, federal, state and local governments, hospitals and first-responders. These employers may be able to reduce their risk by identifying employees running a temperature and potentially infecting co-workers. Impact Health’s staff of nationwide nurses and technicians can set up a temperature check point using Infrared Thermometers for safe, efficient, and no contact operation adjacent to centralized entry points. For workers presenting with an above-normal temperature, employers may choose to implement an added layer of screening – blood oxygen levels – another potential predictor of a COVID-19 infection. The service is configurable, empowering employers to determine thresholds and decisions to meet their requirements.

Mike McNamara, Impact Health CEO remarked, “Every organization serious about getting back to work should consider a temperature screening program for workers upon readmission. It can be an effective tool for slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and shows a strong commitment on the part of employers to the safety of their workers.”

For more information about the Temperature Screening Service, or other services such as the Nurse Staffing Service and nurse-administered rapid COVID-19 Testing, please contact:

Mark Bond, EVP, RPh.
1.800.470.4439 x115
[email protected]

About Impact Health
Established as a clinical laboratory in 1987, Impact Health has been providing health testing/screening serving several of the largest hospital systems, employers and pharmacies in the US. Impact Health developed many of the laboratory quality standards in use today across the industry. On-site testing/screening clinics run efficiently and professionally with high marks for customer service.