Impact Health is the First to Implement eTrueNorth’s Technology to Facilitate Quality Control Monitoring

eTrueNorth’s eQC POCT™ software empowers end-to-end biometric result  traceability to the individual point-of-care device and reagent lot number

Dallas, April, 12, 2018– eTrueNorth, the U.S.-based healthcare technology and compliance solution provider for CLIA-waived laboratories, is the only organization that offers a cloud-based software solution designed to facilitate end-to-end biometric results traceability to the individual point-of-care testing device and reagent lot. eTrueNorth’s eQC POCT™ software also streamlines device inventory and easily provides documentation of quality-control practices.
Impact Health, one of the nation’s most recognized wellness organizations and biometric screeners, recently completed successful implementation of the eTrueNorth exclusive technology.
Michael McNamara is Impact Health’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud to offer our employer clients further assurances that Impact Health’s point-of-care test results are accurate,” McNamara said. “If a participant inquires about a specific test result, Impact Health can now trace that specific person’s result back to the point-of-care device, a reagent lot number and the individual who performed the testing. Using this data, we can compare the accuracy and precision of testing to other test results performed on the same device, test strips and the person performing the testing. This allows for fast quality-control checks. This capability is unique among our competitors.”
The eQC POCT software also easily generates statistical quality-control reports, inclusive of Levey Jennings charts. Users of eQC POCT can demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations, saving time and money in the event of an audit. Reports are available at the licensing organization level as well as peer comparison in standard and custom queries.
Besides providing biometric screeners with a new tool to simplify and report quality-control practices, eTrueNorth’s goal is to change the biometric screening industry for the better.
Coral May is eTrueNorth’s President and Co-founder. “We want to empower more discussions on accuracy in the biometric-screening industry. For example, when employers are selecting a biometric-screening company, they typically ask questions relating to speed of data transfer after the event, participant time away from work and pricing. However, rarely are biometric-screening companies asked about quality-assurance programs used to ensure data accuracy and precision. I hope the eTrueNorth eQC POST software changes the way employers select biometric-screening services,” said May. “This first-of-its-kind traceability and quality-control data software can be a point of distinction when wellness providers are in discussions with employers to provide biometric-screening services.”
eTrueNorth’s vision is a world where high-quality, cost-efficient and accessible point-of-care testing becomes an integral part of healthcare delivery in every community. “Impact Health and eTrueNorth share similar values when it comes to our outlook of the wellness and biometric-screening industry,” continued May. “I’m very pleased that Impact Health continues to embrace quality among their full range of wellness, screening and immunization services.”

About Impact Health
Impact Health works with employers of all sizes to create a culture of wellbeing. With more than 30 years’ experience designing and delivering screening and wellbeing programs, Impact Health has evolved into a full-service wellness company. With capabilities to offer screenings, vaccinations and wellness services on a national level, Impact Health utilizes point-of-care testing (fingerstick) that provides immediate test results to employees. Impact Health has a strong foundation in clinical laboratory medicine with quality processes for point-of-care testing that are unparalleled in the industry. In addition to screening and immunizations, employers enjoy Impact Health’s online scheduling, event management, education materials, consultation services, and data management and reporting capabilities.

About eTrueNorth
eTrueNorth is the leading organization focused on elevating expectations of, and opportunities for, CLIA-waived laboratories. The company’s goal is to improve access and quality and lower cost by fitting healthcare into everyday life and leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies. eTrueNorth is expanding the scope of services available to consumers and enhancing the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multi-disciplinary healthcare delivery model. To learn more, visit or contact CV Abdallah at (315) 374-7792 or [email protected] .