Impact Health has promoted and delivered health and wellness offerings for its clients for over 30 years. By listening to the market, we know that in addition to biometric screenings and proactive educational intervention, organizations are also calling for direct preventative actions such as immunization programs. Although Impact Health has partnered with immunization firms to offer this service for a long time, we are extending our core offering to include relevant vaccinations.

The impact of flu on corporate US corporations

Seasonal influenza takes a severe toll on corporate America. In addition to affecting the health and well-being of employees — who are your most important asset — and their families, it can have a significant impact on the financial health of your company.

The impact of seasonal flu fluctuates every year and is difficult to predict. For example, the 2018-2019 flu season was relatively mild; however, the prior season, 2017-2018, was the worst since 2009. According to the CDC, that year an estimated 48.8 million Americans were infected with influenza, 22.7 million people went to a health care provider, and 959,000 people were hospitalized. In addition, there were nearly 80,000 deaths attributed to the flu in the U.S.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that flu causes U.S. employees to miss approximately 17 million workdays, at an estimated $7 billion a year in sick days and lost productivity.

Flu is especially serious for people with certain chronic health conditions. Those with diabetes have compromised immune systems and are more likely to suffer complications from the flu. People with chronic heart conditions are at greater risk of heart attack and stroke. And those with lung problems, such as COPD or asthma, are at greater risk of breathing problems after developing the flu.

To help curb the effects of flu and other vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and hepatitis, Impact Health is extending its core biometric screening program to include immunizations.

Impacting workplace health through immunization

Impact Health has a long history of providing health and wellness information to clients. Organizations are increasingly asking for biometric screenings, immunizations, and action-oriented education as part of a comprehensive program to identify risk factors, prevent disease, and take positive steps toward improving health and wellness.

Impact Health has partnered with immunization firms in the past to offer vaccination services to its clients. With the new program, it will be offering the services on-site and in conjunction with its screening program. This is important because we can screen for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and then educate affected employees on the increased importance of immunization. The program focuses on flu immunizations, but immunizations for hepatitis will be available, as well as measles and diphtheria/tetanus immunizations for those who did not get vaccinated as a child. We can also provide recommended or required immunizations for people planning to travel to other countries.

Impact Health brings a high-touch meets digital approach to immunization, with the laboratory quality clients have come to trust. Impact Health is known for running on-site events effectively and efficiently with consistently high participant satisfaction scores.

Impact Health is launching its immunization service this summer in anticipation of the 2019-2020 flu season. Impact Health plans to build upon its success in the biometric screening market — large employers, health systems, and health plans — while extending immunization services to this market and beyond.

Follow up and follow through

Impact Health’s Health Promotion Associates engage screening participants in discussions about taking charge of their health through screenings, immunization, and education. Participants have access to their biometric numbers as well as immunization records through a user-friendly, secure web portal. With results immediately available, Impact Health personnel and participants can take advantage of an informed motivational moment that serves as a catalyst for positive behavioral change. Participants are encouraged to follow up with their physician, stay compliant with prescribed therapy, and enroll in company-specific programs.

For Impact Health clients, it will be easier than ever to establish their baseline health, take preventative measures, and get on a path to improved health and wellness.

To learn more about successfully implementing an immunization program, reach out to me here on LinkedIn or email me at: [email protected]